Marigold Coffee Club – Important update on their campaign to remove the machines from each town & city in NH!

“Friendly reminder to any town that cooperated in getting the warrant articles on their Town Ballot to remove the voting machines. The third prong to Marigold’s method is to demand a recount!! We do not trust the machines, and knew we would be demanding a recount so this is go time!! If you signed one of our warrant articles you will be receiving an email this week.”

“For any town that broke the law, not allowing the warrant articles and illegally withholding the people’s rights to vote on the issue, you will also be receiving an email this week with directions on how to file your Surety claim in detail. If you signed one outside of Marigold, you may also participate, just reach out for the form, please!”

“Pelham has now joined us with Marigold in surety bond with violations in their election. And they didn’t even have enough signatures to begin with…it is absolutely glorious!!”

“This last phase of Removing The Machines. #RevealTheSteal may actually be my favorite part by the time we are done with them!!!!”

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