Marigold Coffee Club – Call to Action update – We need your help!

Hello Patriots!

Here is an update on Marigold Coffee Club’s call to action from earlier this week. Please share with everyone! 

Urgent request! We have sent out emails to all signatures Thru MarigoldCoffeeClub.Org. Within last 24 hours (now that it is public) we have started receiving signatures (need 5 per town) and sponsors willing to cover costs for following towns so far to “Reveal The Steal” by demanding recounts on Warrant Articles submitted by citizens by Fri at 12:00 pm:

✅Raymond has partial donation amount plus 3 signatures

✅Hampton full donation + the needed 5 signatures 

✅Amherst full cost + 3 signatures 

Auburn 1 signatures

Belmont full cost + 1 signature 

Boscowan has 1 signature

Swanzey full donation + 2 petitions 

*Campton (out of town donor) + 7 signatutes

Gilmonton 2 signatures

Goffstown has 3 signatures 

Hookset has 1 signature 

Hudson has 2 signatures 

Londonderry has 1 signature

Milan has 2 signatures

✅Milton has full donation 

Mont Vernon has 2 signatures

New Boston has 4 signatures

Northwood has 3 signatures

Pelham has a donor +has 4 signatures

Ringe has 2 signatures

Salem has 2 signatures 

Sandown has 1 signature 

Stratham has 1 signature 

Swanzey has 2 signatures 

Wakefield has 1 signature 

Ware has 1 signature

Wilton has 1 signature

If you wish to be one of the 5 needed to sign for your town:

Or to sponsor the needed fee to the SOS for your town;

Please follow and like us:

One comment

  1. Milton has everything needed. Their recount is:

    They also have people watching the recount.

    Peace, Carol Petrusewicz 

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