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Hello Patriots!

Please see the important update from the Government Integrity Project

We would like to add… Please also call and email Governor Sununu and let him know you would like him to support SB418. He needs to hear from us on this bill! Thank you!

The Governor’s number: (603) 271-2121

The Governor’s email address:

This Bill will PREVENT votes cast by unqualified voters to be certified.

Thank you & God bless!

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On Friday, April 8th, 2022 at 4:20 PM, Ken Eyring <> wrote:

Dear GIP Friends,

During testimony today, NH Senator Bob Giuda correctly stated that anyone from any where in the world can come to NH and vote in our elections. This is because anyone can register on the day of the election and not provide any proof of who they are, where they live, and/or if they are a U.S. Citizen. All anyone has to do is sign an affidavit without any evidence to support their claims of who they are, and they are then given a ballot to vote.

Senator Giuda is the Prime Sponsor of SB418. He testified today that the purpose of the Bill is to close that “gaping loophole”, and to ensure that only votes by qualified voters are certified in our elections.

The hearing was packed by opponents of the Bill, who claim that providing proof of citizenship and a photo ID to register is too much to ask of voters… even when they are given up to 10 days AFTER the election to establish that proof. Your voice must be heard by our legislators who will decide whether or not to kill this Bill – or send it to the Governor’s desk to pass it into law.

In everyday life, we are required to show proof before going through airport security and boarding airplanes. A photo ID is required to purchase alcohol and cigarettes, as well as required for many other activities. The simple act of proving who you are and that you are a U.S. Citizen is not overly burdensome.

In his testimony before the Committee, NH Secretary of State Dave Scanlan said it is very easy to vote in NH, and perhaps the easiest state in the nation. I would go further, and say that it is the easiest place in the world to vote – and that needs to change.

Please make your voice heard asap!

This Bill has already passed the Senate and needs the support of the House Election Law Committee before being presented to the full House for a vote.

SB418– AN ACT relative to verification of voter affidavits

Committee: House Election Law Committee


Why: (1) This Bill will PREVENT votes cast by unqualified votersto be certified.

(2) This Bill was prepared with considerable help from former NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner, current NH Secretary of State Dave Scanlan, State Rep Bob Lynn (who is also a former Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court), and other knowledgeable individuals.

(3) Every unqualified voter disenfranchises a qualified voter.

Email All Committee Members ASAP:

Subject Line should include a request to Support SB418

In your own words, respectfully ask the Committee to support this Bill.

You need to send the email by Tuesday morning, April 12, so the Committee Members have time to read your email prior to their vote on April 13th.

Please share with like-minded people.

Thank you! 


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