Debates for NH Governor, NH Federal Senate and Federal Congressional seat and more…

If you missed any of the debates that have been happening around the state, please check them out below. Also check out the PIT with Carolin Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips.

Remember to watch Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit on Frank Speech starting on Saturday, 20August – 21August.

State senators & Executive Councel candidates & Governor debates.  Governor debates are at the end of this video.

Federal Congressional debates – (Title shows Senators, however it is the Congressional debates) – Starts at 51:46 mark

Federal Senate debates – Starts at 31:30 mark

If you missed the PIT, check it out here.  Caroline Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from 2000 Mules.

Moment of Truth Summit – Find out what is happening in all 50 states, see the preview of selection code, watch the trial of the voting machines on Sunday…

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