Call to action to remind NH to VOTE on November 8th! Your VOTE matters!

Let’s Unite NH by purchasing one or more of these banners

Size: 3’x6’ banner 

Cost: $ 35.00 each

Payment via Venmo to:  @djackson84

Banner orders email Deb:

Payment and orders due by:  October 8th

Pick up:  TBD

Once the orders arrive, I will choose a location and a time for everyone to pick up their banners.  

If that time doesn’t work for you, other arrangements will be made.

Questions:  Call Deb at (603) 247-5150

I called the department of transportation and here is what we can do.  

Stand in safe areas for banner holders and drivers, do not obstruct the flow of traffic…

*We can stand on all overpasses in NH and hold the banner and wave to people in their cars.  We cannot tie the banner to the railing.

*We can stand across the street from all of the off ramps where cars are exiting 93, (away from oncoming traffic), with balloons and horns, calling on everyone to get out and vote on November 8th

*We can hang the banners on private businesses, with their permission, we can place the banners on private property with the owner’s permission.  

*My personal thought…  I think we can also place them where other political signs are, knowing they could possibly be taken down, if we do not get permission.  There are a lot of places where a grouping of signs has stayed up throughout the primary and are still there.


Orders should be in by October 23rd.  You and your friends can decide when to get out there and “banner” wave.  

My thought:  In an effort to unite NH, I would like to suggest all of us get out on the over passes, and across the street from the off ramps to 93, on October 29th and October 30th between 10 am and 2 pm.  How awesome would that be to have everyone unite right before election day!  Let me know your thoughts.

God bless you and God bless New Hampshire!

Love you all,


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