The Seeds of Liberty – Key to saving NH and America!

The Seeds of Liberty

(As our forefathers believed, back in their day)

In order to save America, we need to believe in, and live out, the Seeds of Liberty. 

Our forefathers shared their beliefs with us so we would know their mindset, at the time, and where they were coming from, and why they made the decisions they made.  They knew we would forget, so they made sure they wrote everything down for us to go back to.

The Seeds of Liberty are the basis for America as we know it.  No other nation has tried America’s way of governing, basing their government on the Seeds of Liberty.  As a result, their forms of government have failed over and over again.  

No other nation has yet to figure out another way to live as FREE people.

The citizens of the United States of America have been able to sustain our form of government for the last 235 years because it is based on the Seeds of Liberty.

Now it is our time to remind our fellow Americans that our Seeds of Liberty need to be fertilized, watered, and tended to. We need to spread these seeds far and wide before it is too late.

Once you have an understanding of them, and believe in them, you will see that this is the ONLY way to keep from losing our God given freedoms and our unalienable rights!

The Seeds of Liberty

1.There is a Devine Creator – God is at the top.  

America believes in a divine Creator.  It is this belief that is the first step in a limited government. You cannot have a limited government if you think government is at the top of the pecking order.  There’s got to be something higher than government or else what limits the government from creating their own rules on what they think is right and wrong.  

The belief in a Devine Creator was not only one individual’s belief, when the Declaration of Independence was written, it was the belief of all of the governors and citizens in the original 13 colonies.  They all believed in a Devine Creator, and that Devine Creator is God. 

2.Inalienable rights come from God

 God gives us a certain set of rights. These rights are NOT given to us by our government. They come from our Creator, God.  We are born with these rights and NO ONE can take them away from us!

3.Government exists to protect inalienable rights

 Government exists to make sure that nobody violates, or takes away, our God given rights.  

4.There is a fixed moral law

Laws of nature and nature’s God.  There are certain laws you cannot cross.  You cannot vote on them, you cannot take them away, you cannot debate them.  They exist because they are given to us by God.  

For example…

It is natural for animals, and for any creature created in nature, to defend what it considers to be its home, to defend what it considers to be its young, and to defend its own life. If you come after a mama bear with malice she will fight back. You come after her cubs’ she will fight back. *One of our God given rights is the right to defend our homes, our children, and our own lives.

You also have the law of nature’s God… The Ten Commandments

One of the Ten Commandments, is do not murder. It may be common in nature, but humans cannot murder one another. By the way, humans cannot steal, commit adultery, lie, etc.  

Between the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, humans are given certain rights that we are born with and no other human being can take those rights away, and we are given a fixed moral law, by God through the 10 commandments.

5.The consent of the governed

The government is instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  The will of the majority.  There’s nothing in the constitution that ever allows anything smaller than a majority to win a vote.

6.The people’s right to change their government

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish their government, and institute a new government. Destructive of what ends?  If you get a government that does not do the first five things, if you get a government that says there is no creator, the creator does not give you certain guaranteed rights, so the government does not need to protect those rights…  And by the way, there is no moral law, there’s no right or wrong… If we the people see this happening, we have the right to pass constitutional amendments, or vote those elected officials out of office.  

Many people in this country do not vote and are there for being complacent.  We need to change our views on voting and see the importance of it and exercise our right to vote.  We need to use our vote to elect people who believe in the previous 5 seeds of liberty.  

The only way we can have the success, prosperity, freedom, and liberty, we have been enjoying for the last 235 years, is to go back to the first five principles in the seeds of liberty.

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