Hello NH!

It has been a long, long, long time since we have been the “free” nation our forefathers fought so hard to create. It’s time to take back NH. There are 1.389 million people in this state. If 10% of us decided to do something, today, imagine what an impact that would make in our schools/school boards, towns, elections, in our elected offices, etc. Will you choose to get involved in your community today? Check out our “Get Involved” tab after you watch the video below.

Please watch this 15-minute video to learn the secret sauce recipe to taking back NH and our country. See how our forefathers faith in God, was the essential ingredient to becoming the freest nation in the world.
The Pilgrims Formula To Save America! Kirk Cameron in Monumental

Now that we have the formula, we have each other, and most importantly we have God, let’s do this! Let’s take back our republic starting today! Please check out the, “Get Involved,” tab. We have individuals who have shared their contact information with you and are excited to talk with you and get you connected. We have a number of initiatives you can jump right into. School board, Selectmen/Aldermen, and Elections. We are looking for Team Leaders and Team Members in every SAU, Town and City in NH. It is with God’s guidance and our obedience to Him, that will give us the strength, courage, and wisdom we need to restore our freedoms and our republic in NH.

Thank you for choosing to get involved!
NH is better, stronger, and safer when her citizens come together! God bless you!

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