Board of Selectmen and Aldermen Meeting Initiative

List of every town/city in NH:

The goal of this initiative is to create teams of NH citizens who are committed to attending their Board of Selectmen or Aldermen meetings on a regular basis either in person, online, or by reading the meeting minutes.

Click here to sign up to be a team member in your town or city.

We need team leaders, in every town/city in New Hampshire.

The team leader will be responsible for the following:

  1. Keep an active email list of all team members.
  2. Email mail team members to let them know when & where the next Board of Selectmen or Aldermen meeting will be held.
  3. Keep the team informed of important issues that are discussed during the meetings.
  4. Email your team when new legislation comes out that could have a positive or negative impact on your town/city. 
  • As a team, you can attend the public hearing at the State Capitol, on the proposed legislation.
  • Email your state reps and senators on how you would like them to vote on the proposed legislation.

Regina Barnes will head up this initiative. Regina served two terms as a Selectwoman in her home town of Hampton, NH, and is still actively involved in her town meetings. She is an activist in NH, has her own Rumble channel & website, knows the NH Constitution and is working hard to preserve our rights in NH. Please join her in this fight and become a Selectmen or Aldermen Team Leader in your town. She will communicate with Team Leaders and make them aware of bills that require their attention, as well as be there for support and other initiatives that require a larger amount of people.

Would you consider becoming a team leader in your town/city?
If so, please email Regina:
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Regina’s Rumble Channel:

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