Patriot Links

We The People – Started by Terese Grinnell, a registered nurse and licensed foster mom who decided to take a stand for medical freedom in 2021. She had never held a sign or been a part of a Liberty group but she has let her voice be heard and has now inspired many people to stand up and get involved. Patriot Hub input: You will always find good positive energy with a HUGE mix of volunteers at any of these events. If you have an idea to make NH better We The People can probably help make it happen! Get in on a weekly zoom call or meet up in person at a weekend rally at the capitol in Concord.

603 Alliance – The 603 ALLIANCE exists to restore Constitutional principles at all levels of our government by championing the principles of free people and free markets, uniting like-minded citizens in support of candidates who will further these principles. Patriot Hub input: 603 has training classes and host group/team building gatherings that are offered from time to time. Check out there events.

Government Integrity Project (FB Page) – Our overall mission is to unite the country and demand action; to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable to their oaths and obligations of office; to protect and restore Liberties as defined in our Country’s Founding Documents. Patriot Hub input: GIP is working on election audit data, election legislation, appealing to town officials to open dialog regarding the removal of election machines, showing up to school board meetings to be a voice for the children and support parents. They lead the canvassing efforts in Danville and scored a big win for meaningful change. They have volunteer opportunities.

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire – We protect the American Dream by fighting each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic prosperity for all. Patriot Hub input: They have a “National Scorecard” where you can see your elected officials score. This is an incredible resource!! They offer a current news page. They also offer training from time to time.

Rise Up NH – We exist to educate and inspire collective action to protect health freedom and personal sovereignty, and a truly representative democracy. Patriot Hub input: This website has petitions to sign, a list of events, news, research/resources, and an outlet to get involved.

Rebuild NH – Their website offers a director’s report, they discuss current legislation, a list of candidate endorsements, and petitions to sign along with current news articles.

Health Freedom NH – Our mission is to: Raise awareness of health risks and rights, protect human rights in NH including informed consent and medical privacy, call for scientific integrity, and foster community. Our goals are to: abolish fluoridation of New Hampshire public water, eliminate vaccine mandates (& protect pets too), make freedom in health choices a NH value, support neighboring states defending health freedoms, strengthen communications & build community, create free educational events across the state, support/advocate for human rights, restore medical, scientific truth & integrity.

Granite Grok– The Granite Grok is a great all around news resource. Find out the latest there.

Marigold Coffee Club – A non-profit national civil organization; and provides opportunities for people to sit down and enjoy coffee while facilitating, training, and educating civilians in ways to be prepared in the ever changing political, economic, and environmental climates in order to save and preserve lives, freedom, unalienable human rights, and popular sovereignty as provided for in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, all State Constitutions, and the Declaration of Independence. Patriot Hub input: they have a “GET RID OF THE MACHINES” campaign. There are opportunities to get involved.

NH Committee of Safety – A group of citizens of the State of New Hampshire. We formed this group in an effort to exercise our Constitutional rights to abolish and repeal unconstitutional laws. Patriot Hub input: Follow them as they challenge unconstitutional laws in court. They have great videos that teach about the constitution and how they are trying to make meaningful change to reclaim our authority.

For United Solutions – (for-us) Executive Director Dr. Shannon Kroner. Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) is an organization working with a multi-faith coalition of religious leaders who  stand together in unity against religious discrimination, and proudly protect the religious rights to opt out of a liability-free, pharmaceutical product. Our goals at FOR-US aim to educate the public on our First Amendment Right of Religious Freedom, help you reclaim your religious freedom, prevent vaccine mandates from taking place, and protect religious vaccine exemptions. Patriot Hub input: If you need help with a religious exemption to opt out of mandatory vaccine at work, here’s your resource to help guide you. But they are so much more than that. They have an outreach to educate religious establishments on the importance of religious exemptions. They have a coalition of religious leaders that are united to protect religious liberties and create new legislation.