Educational Resources

Many of us have sat on the sidelines, counting on the Republican Party and conservative activists to look after government while we attend to our families, careers and communities – not political activism and civics. These resources can help you understand our past and present situation to become a more knowledgeable active citizen.

Leadership Institute – LI offers resources:, Writings and Manuals; online library of writings and manuals on campaigns, activism…
Conservative Speakers Talks
Newsletter “Building Leadership” highlighting conservative Victories

Hillsdale College – Fantastic catalog of free courses available. Courses are created for every American who wishes to embark upon a life-changing education in the greatest ideas and texts of Western Civilization. The only requirements are a desire for truth and a love of liberty.
Sign up for their awesome newsletter: Imprimis

American Majority – Current Candidates; offers constituent Management and Campaign support, *A 501c(3) non-partisan, nonprofit that continually trains, organizes, mobilizes, and equips new grassroots conservative leaders. We believe meaningful, lasting political change starts not in Washington, but at state and local levels, where most actual government

Patriot Academy – Single bold vision to equip a new generation of leaders to champion the cause of freedom and the truth in: Government, Media, Entertainment and Education

Make Americans Free Again – Information on Home Schooling 
Legal Resources, How to deal with Local Government Enforcement

KrisAnne Hall – Education in the history and application of the Constitution of the United States

GOP – The Republican National Committee. Volunteer opportunities as well as updates and links to what the GOP is currently doing.

Prager University – Podcasts, Discover; In the News5 Minute Videos

Nexus Werks LLC – Day on the Hill Trainings – Online & In-Person
Effective Activism 101 – Online & In-Person Trainings

Candidate Boot Camp – Entirely non-partisan. Our contributors have diverse ideologies and we believe that our political system is best served when as many citizens as possible are actively involved. The founding team is located in New Hampshire, where we know a thing or two about running for local office. 

North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership – Fellows Program, Woman On Board
Ethics, Liberal Versus Conservative Mind, Fundraising, Social Media and Political Campaigns

National Federation of Republican Women – Americanism, Armed Service, Awards
Campaigns and Elections, Campaign Management School, Caring for America
Email Network, Federation Trust, Leadership Development
Legislation and Advocacy, Literacy and Education
Mamie Eisenhower Library Project . Regents Program
Women in the GOP

Grassroots Leadership Academy – Activist Certification, Community Mobilizer Certification, Leader Certification