End Washington Waste. Stop The Spending Spree

Yesterday was a picture perfect day in New Hampshire. There was finally a break in the rain, and it wasn’t a billion degrees. Total perfection. I went over to the Lake Winnipesauke area for a gathering hosted by Americans for Prosperity to discuss the current state of the overspending happening in Washington DC and a great opportunity to connect and talk with some fellow patriots. (Note to readers – If you are EVER invited by Americans for Prosperity to any event and they say they will be providing food, just say yes and go. They never disappoint. This time around they provided some amazing food from Rubbin’ Butts BBQ (www.rubbinbuttsbbqnh.com) over in Center Harbor. There’s a crowd pleaser for sure!

Key points from our discussion was the 4 trillion dollar budget infrastructure plan. 4 Trillion! That’s a 4 followed by 12 zeroes! $4,000,000,000,000  Holy smokes! What is this infrastructure that requires so much money from the government? Well, it seems like almost EVERYTHING is a part of their new definition of infrastructure. They have billions slated to toward CA to “harden their electrical grid”. Which, by the way, is owned by private companies. They have trillions of dollars to go toward more private funded entities like hospital staff and childcare.

We were asked to think about how the cost of living and goods has already risen and affected each of us in just the past few months. The inflation is being felt already. Now add to that trillions more flooded into the system. Are you prepared to handle this? History is repeating itself so we can imagine what this may do to the average citizen, or even worse, anyone on a fixed budget who has no wiggle room to buffer these price jumps. This isn’t about infrastructure, it’s a roadmap to higher taxes that we can’t afford.

Here in NH we have to push back on our reps like Shaheen, Hassan and Pappas. The people looking for reelection next year are especially willing to listen to We The People right now. We need to get some common sense senators to say NO for this huge mess to fail in the house. That is up to us. We need to contact them to let them know how wrong this is for all of us.

Take Action!
Easily contact your senators and congressmen to say NO by clicking this link: Tell Your Lawmakers: End Washington Waste / Stop the Spending Spree – Contact Officials – Americans for Prosperity (ivolunteers.com) or text WASTE to 46262
you can also:
-tag them on social media with #StopTheSpendingSpree
-email them individually
-call them
-Check out www.StoptheSpendingSpree.com (It’s SUCH a well-made site to guide you on getting your voice heard.)

Later in the evening, due to popular demand, Mr. Daniel Richard from the Committee of Safety NH (www.COSNH.org) stood up to chat with everyone since we had all been asking him so many questions all day.

Dan Richard is an amazing constitutionalist. I’ve heard him speak multiple times and he always blows me away and makes me want to learn more. (Which you can do easily on his website BTW.) He told us all that up until 1973 you had to be a native born or naturalized citizen of the United States to vote, and that by removing the 4 words “native born or naturalized citizen” the citizens of the states now actually have less rights and protections. Small changes to go back to where our constitution had us before will be helpful and are worth looking into. Our founding fathers had our best intentions in mind and when we work in harmony with the Constitution our system seems to be more free and fair for all.

Once again, he echoes the need to contact your state reps to bring the old rule back. We want voting rights protected for the Citizens of New Hampshire – the people born here or who have chosen to take an Oath to the state. It’s a step in the right direction to keep election integrity the way it should be.

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