Summer 2022 in New Hampshire

Happy August my fellow New Hampshire Patriots!

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I just realized that I hadn’t done a blog entry or sent out an email yet for the summer! I hope you didn’t forget about us over here at  I think this has been the busiest summer I’ve had in a long time. . well, at least since last summer when we were out multiple times a week rallying against the mandates of course. New Year, new reasons to fight, am I right? Keep it up though, because we are definitely making progress and heading in the right direction!

So, summer 2022. . . Tell me how it’s going for you. Are you making strides toward any of your New Year’s Resolutions? I know some of you have for sure because I see you out there and you’re looking stronger, smarter and awesome and have been sharing some of your successes with me. Are you working out, losing weight, eating healthy, being more self-sufficient, have you started prepping or canning, bought new property, checked a few books off of your reading list or taken some self-defense classes? Leave a comment and let us know how it’s going, you might say something to inspire action in others. I would love if we could help each other reach our goals. Together we can get much more accomplished than we can alone.

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I would like to announce that I am one of many NH Patriots who have stepped up to be on the ballot in the upcoming elections! My campaign page, is up and hopefully will help get me in as a NH State Rep for Concord. Woo! Please feel free to check it out – I would humbly accept any donations so I can do a run of printed materials to leave when I go door to door in the fall. My opponent seems to LOVE masking children at schools, so it would be fantastic to replace him ASAP since I have the feeling those mandates will be coming back again. I will be running as a Constitutional Republican. I figured this would keep things simple and people would know what they were getting if they vote for me. To brush up on my Constitution knowledge I have organized a Constitution Dissection and Discussion group “How to think like an American again”. We meet weekly in Concord – 6PM at BAM on Fort Eddy Rd. We had our first group class last week and it blew away my expectations! I am so excited that such an awesome group of people are willing to come and relearn these important concepts on how our government was set up. Come on down if you’d like. We will meet every Tuesday in August and figure out our next move after that. Hopefully we will dig into the NH Constitution next, so stay tuned. (More info on

BIG news for Liberty lovers! The Resolve Initiative is hosting candidate debates next week, Aug 5 in Wolfboro! This is unprecedented and very exciting. Debates among the top liberty candidates for Governor, Executive Council and State Senate will be there! Click here for tickets  For a $5 donation you can get your seat and join us there to really get to know the candidates before we all decide who we will push as our top choice for election day. (If you can’t make it, please don’t hesitate to purchase tickets as a donation toward the location rental fee, and you can view the debates online.) Please make the effort to come and join us in person. This event will be moderated by New Hampshire’s top Constitutionalist Dan Richard from the Committee of Safety, so it is sure to be a fun time and you’ll learn a lot too. (Did I mention the food trucks, trivia and door prizes?!  This is going to be a great time!) will have a table set up and you can come by and say hi and we will get you some free stickers too! (PS – you REALLY need to sign up on the website for their emails. They will be sending out a “cheat sheet” of liberty candidates to vote for on Election Day! This is genius and every one of your friends should be taking one to the ballot box this year! Just absolutely check your junk/spam folder because for some reason all their emails get sent there automatically. (well. . we know why. . .Big Brother doesn’t  like the truth to get out. So please be aware and check your junk folder to make sure you see the emails.)

Remember how I just mentioned the feeling I had about the masks and Vaxx things coming back into play? Well, I hope I am wrong, but if I am not . . . wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a directory of New Hampshire businesses that were not enforcing those things? So we could continue living our lives normally and not bother with the virtue signaling and fake power grabs and worries about being kicked out or harassed for breathing freely? Wouldn’t it feel great to support liberty minded businesses who don’t want to tread on your freedom and are willing to stick up for you when nonsense rules are pushed in their direction? Well, my husband and I have had the same idea and it took a while to get it together, but we have just added our 50th New Hampshire Liberty minded business to our site so we think it can finally let you know about it and start getting some traffic to it. (Yes, it is a HUGE work in progress, and more complicated than other projects I’ve worked on, so don’t judge it too harshly, it’s still under construction right now, but it’s going to be so so worth it!) is going to be THE place to check out for your next purchase for food, services or entertainment! We have put our own money into this site to keep it free; we just need nominations from visitors to add more businesses to our growing directory and we need YOU to spread the word. With this website we can create a parallel economy where we put our money back into businesses that support freedom which would let them cut the ties that bind them and let them support us back with non-enforcement of masks and vaxx. Why do we want to give money to our enemies? Why would we fund our own demise? This is a VERY easy way to support others who love liberty and freedom and want to function out of the grasp of “big brother.” Let’s put our money where our mouth is and support those that support our values. PLEASE think about a local patriot owned business that would fit into this scenario and submit them to the site. We have so many amazing creative businesses amongst our patriot friends, we can grow this website to hit 1,000 by next year I’m sure. Let’s do this as a group effort. Please reach out with your Liberty Minded New Hampshire business nominations as soon as you can. Support Freedom, Not Tyranny.

I will end this update with a message of congratulations! Congratulations to the Plymouth group who today, celebrated their 100th consecutive weekend flag wave! That is a pretty amazing accomplishment when you think of the crazy New Hampshire weather we have been through over the past 100 weeks! We all need to channel their dedication to the cause, their love for our country and the flag, to be out there weekly no matter what. That is awesome! Their flag waves were actually one of my first ever events I had listed on our event calendar. To see this and more, please check out our calendar and attend an event near you. You will meet new people, make connections and it could lead to a whole new life adventure you have never thought about! I am a testament to this one. My life has completely changed since I started attending patriot gatherings. I love our community and their passion and I’m inspired and encouraged daily by my interactions. (And these days we all could use more inspiration and encouragement pushing back against the negativity out there, right?)

Keep an eye out on for our new Help Wanted section where we will be posting requests from other groups, people and campaigns for help they need. This is going to be a great way for each one of us to get involved in keeping NH Free. We all have skills that can be helpful and we are hoping this new section will pull together people from many backgrounds to donate their time and energy as they manage it. So if you are looking to volunteer make sure to check in with this section.  If you want to reach out to let us know about more volunteer opportunities that aren’t listed please email us directly at

I’ll wrap this one up because it’s getting pretty lengthy now. There is just so much to do and say these days to be excited about! Are you feeling it?!

Please come out to the Resolve Debates Aug 5th and say hi!

-Kristen and the NHPatriotHub Crew

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