In tomorrow’s Primary, we can ask for our ballot to be hand counted!

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Subject: Hand counting Votes in towns with machines – Sept 13, 2022 election

Sept 12, 2022

Sept 9, 2022 Superior Court Rockingham County, (during the trial)

Attorney Mr. Matteson testified the Sate has approved for this election and moving forward, the ability for ALL voters to have their ballots hand counted.

Aug 25, 2022 Sec. Of State office Mr Fitch in a training video for Ballot Procedures and Election Officials, stated the same. 

” Not to argue with voters” – open machine and place ballot – side pocket – inside to be hand counted ( witnessed by many)

Mr. Scanlon also testified that in fact hand count in machine towns is a approved.

Please immediately educate and advise your town moderators and voting officials to; prevent any miscommunication or denial of Voters civil rights.


Al Brandano

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